SNDWAY Laser Range Finder – Golf Rangefinder


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SNDWAY Laser Range Finder (Perfect for Golf)

SNDWAY Laser Range Finder

  • 6x Magnification
  • Up to 1500m Range
  • Quick Laser Rangefinder
  • LCD touch screen
  • Perfect for Golf
  • Amazing Price

SNDWAY are not very well known, they mainly sell online or direct from their website. You’ll see them when you’re searching for the best budget SNDWAY Laser Range Finder. When you come across their brand you might quickly scroll past not realising what a bargain, they offer in their golf laser rangefinder.

First of all, though let’s be clear when comparing. This is a budget rangefinder; the price is excellent and certainly at the entry level budget golf rangefinder versus other more expensive golf rangefinders on the market. However, it is a hidden gem in the golf rangefinder and golf GPS world and if you take a closer look you’ll see why.

Now in all the reviews I read they get really hung up on the accuracy of the rangefinders, now this rangefinder is accurate to 1 yard but +/- 1 yard, but I use a rangefinder to compliment my GPS watch. I use a Garmin S10 which gives me a front, middle and back reading, so I usually just use the rangefinder to confirm the specific yardages and give me a little bit more confidence when selecting the correct club.

I suppose if you’re a single figure handicapper, or better, you might need a rangefinder which you can really rely on. However, during my rounds when I checked the yardages against my GPS watch they seemed pretty accurate, and at my level of golf, as a mid-handicapper that’s fine with me.

I genuinely believe this rangefinder can help improve your game, whether you use it on it’s own or to compliment your GPS watch it can help.

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